Megan has been piercing for 13

 years this year from ear constellations to micro dermals if there is skin, she will be able to pierce it for you.

She prides herself in making every piercing experience relaxed and comfortable making every client feel at ease and safe.

Megan is level 1 and 2 infection prevention and control certified along side  certificates in blood borne pathogens, basic life support and resuscitation.


At INK we pride ourselves in having a high level of hygiene to provide a safe sterile enviroment. All piercing activity is carried out in a private sterile room and performed using a single use needle and titanium jewellery.

We are currently operating on an appointment only basis so there will be no walk ins.

To book Please fill out the contact form and megan will get back to you with an appointment.

Alternatively you can email or call us on 01392 410291

Age restrictions:

Ears, facial, navel           16+ with iD  13+ with parent present

Tongue, Nipple, genitals  18+

dermal anchors

Price increase from 1st June

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Contact Megan 

Thank you for contacting Megan, I will get back to you during work hours. Please allow up to 3 working days for a reply.